Slap bracelets, Crunchberry cereal, Lingerie Football League -- some things are cool AND stupid at the same time. Here are five such stories from this week's news that I think are awesome -- but I'm embarrassed to say so:

  • 1

    Zach Snyder (director of "Batman vs. Superman") releases photo of Batmobile

    Combating fears his new movie is going to be stupid, Snyder addresses a rumored photo of the Batmobile with one of the real vehicle:
  • 2

    Comedian fires back at stupid people at Starbucks

    Annoyed at all the social media posts, a comedian parodies all the narcissistic people angry that Starbucks slightly misspelled their names on cups.

  • 3

    Order a beer via Facebook!

    In what might be the smartest idea guaranteed to fail, Budweiser's brewers have decided to try a "Buds for Buds" program with Facebook. Buy a beer for a friend (or gift it to them on their birthday) and pay online. The friend is notified via Facebook with a coupon, which they show a bartender to receive their drink. The obvious targeting of teenagers aside, this promotion appears fool proof -- NOT!

  • 4

    What could be more fun than a house pinned to a cliff?

    An Australian architectural firm has built a five-story modular home that connects to a cliff face with steel pins! (Click the link to see a photo) The luxury home allows you to park at ground level, then descend levels to get closer to the ocean. With huge windows, this may be the most scenic -- and least invasive -- vacation home design ever! Only problem? There's a reason people don't build homes on ocean cliffs: they have a tendency to fall in.

  • 5

    Dad Redesigns Ray Rice Jersey for Daughter

    If you're a Ravens fan, what do you do with your daughter's Rice jersey?

    Bryan Bartlett came up with a solution!