Winter will be here before you know it, and now is the best time to prepare before you have to actually drive in it. There are a few simple things that you can do now to make sure you are ready when the snow starts falling.

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    Prepare Your Car

    The most obvious thing you can do is put your traction tires on now before the rush hits. If you travel over the pass during winter, I would recommend getting snow tires. If you stay around the Tricities, you might not need them if you stay off the roads when they are slick. Also have all your fluids checked and your oil changed. Get chains if they can fit on your car. Most lowered sports cars take special chains if they can fit on at all.

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    Download WSDOT App

    It helps to know where you are going and if there will be any delays from accidents of avalanches. The WSDOT app or their website will help you with that. Remember the weather can be very different in the passes then it is here in Tricities.

    Niccolo? Simoncini
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    Read the WSDOT Winter Driving Guide

    It has a lot of good tips about driving in the winter here in the Northwest. You can get it for free by clicking here. It illistrated the differences between "traction tires advised" and "traction tires required" among other things. Read it especially if you grew up somewhere warm.

    Paul Vasarhelyi
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    Pack Winter Supplies in Car

    It is smart to be prepared in case you get stuck in traffic or in a ditch somewhere and can't be rescued for while. Some good ideas of things to pack would be: a warm blanket, multiple bottles of water, snacks, a flashlight, gloves, hats, and an emergency fire starter kit.

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    Preset Radio WSDOT Information Stations

    The WSDOT has two different radio stations that play pass information and travel updates. Pre-tune your radio in your car to 530 AM and 1610 AM to get all the latest info while you drive.

    Irina Igumnova