It is painfully obvious when I drive in the snow that most people have no idea what they are doing. I see the dumbest things that cause people end their day in a ditch, but it is very preventable. Here are 5 tips that can keep you out of the ditch and on the road this winter.

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    Slow Down

    The number one reason people end up in the ditch is because they are driving too fast for the conditions. Just last night people would try to pass on the right in the snow, and sure enough they ended up in a ditch a few miles down. Get in line, slow down, and everyone will get there.

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    Snow Tires

    If you have a passenger car with only all season tires and they are not new, you'll be fine for driving a few miles. If you are traveling over the pass or across the state through a storm, you want real snow tires. The people that you see in the ditch where going too fast with regular tires. Stud less snow tires are the best and they have a lot of affordable options now.

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    Give Yourself Space

    A lot of times cars are stacked on the roadway all going slow but side by side. That is very dangerous because if someone spins out, they can spin right into the person next to them. Stagger yourselves into two lanes or follow each other in one with plenty of space between to react if something happens.

  • 4

    Know Your Car

    All cars have different handling properties and you need to know your cars limitations before you head out. A sports car with wide performance wheels is useless in a storm, while some trucks are near impossible to loose control off with auto correct keeping them straight. Make sure you know your cars limitations and test them before you get in traffic.

  • 5

    Stay Home If In Doubt

    If you are worried, just stay home. It is safer for both you and the people you might endanger by taking a risk with a car that is not prepared for the snow and slick roads.