A man in Tacoma lost his life long collection of classic video games and consoles worth over $65,000 after they were stolen from a storage locker in Tacoma. Christopher Cline had been collecting his entire life and most of the games he owned were the same ones he played as a kid. Some of those games were unopened and selling for over $650 a piece online to collectors according to sources. Now his entire collection is gone.

He discovered his collection was missing after he went to put his Masters Degree he just earned into storage and he couldn't open the lock. After the owner opened his storage, he saw the locker had been robbed and the robbers had put a different lock on the outside. Not only was his collection gone, but they did a lot of damage to other items he was storing in there like family photos. Chris has been checking with video game dealers in the area but knows finding most of his collection will be almost impossible to find. He said what made him most mad was that he was planning on moving his stuff in just a few weeks because that storage locker was temporary.