If you're a Pasco parent you're needing stuff for your kids to do this week! Here are some helpful tips:

  • 1

    Study Science by Flying a Kite!

    Teach your kids about Ben Franklin and then send them outside with a kite.

  • 2

    Learn History at the Pasco Museum

    They're open noon to 4 p.m. Tuesday through Friday.

  • 3

    For Recess Walk or Ride the Chiawana Trail

    From West Pasco to the Cable Bridge, the trail is scenic and well-maintained.

  • 4

    For English Class Visit Mid Columbia Libraries

    Your kids can still find exciting books even if they aren't in school. Do they know how funny Roald Dahl was? Have they tried a graphic novel? What about a sports star biography?

  • 5

    For Art Class Visit "Polka Dot Pottery"

    There are a lot of places to learn ceramics, but Polka Dot Pottery is one of my favorites because it's set up to be a party, not just an art project.

  • 6

    For Computer Class (or Engineering) Play MineCraft

    MineCraft is an excellent video game for exercising creativity.

  • 7

    Visit a Record Store for Musical Education

    Are there any stores left in Tri-Cities that will let you listen to an album before you buy it? Hastings or Adventures Underground in Richland? Anyway, if not, just use Youtube.