I can vouch for this. REAL alcoholic root beer is good. Damn good. The rest of the country seems to believe it.

Root beer used to be alcoholic and was widely used for its healing, just ask George Washington. Prohibition rolled around and root beer took on its form we know today - non-alcoholic.

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There's been a recent trend of alcoholic root beers hitting grocery shelves. My favorite is Not Your Father's Root Beer, which dominates 75% of the market. You can try it on tap at places such as R.F. McDougals. It's tastiest on draft. In canned form, it's the sixth most popular beer period.

Coney Island is another great brand, and since its introduction a summer ago, sales have increased by 400%.

Coney Island will introduce a hard ginger ale and hard orange cream soda in the future. I'll be waiting.