According to police, one man is dead after reportedly threatening an officer with a gun at the intersection of 6th and Lewis.

Shortly before 3 a.m. Pasco police attempted to pull over a car that was reported as stolen. The two male occupants fled the car in different directions after stopping near 6th and Lewis streets. The passenger was caught, but the driver ran into the parking lot of a nearby mechanics shop.

Police said the man displayed a weapon and posed a threat to officers, who opened fire.  The man, later identified as 25-year-old Matthew L. Stoddard of Airway Heights (near Spokane) was taken to the hospital, but died later.

An autopsy is schedule for Friday. Police did not say where the stolen vehicle was from, why Stoddard was in the Tri-Cities or if he lived here.

More information is expected to be released as the investigation continues.