Auburn is a 19-year-old Suicide Girl living in Illinois who likes her own butt, Jameson, being naked and being insulted. 4 birds, one stone?

AGE: 19


HOMETOWN: Memphis, TN.

BODY MODS: Piercings -- 7/16 gauges, septum, dermal on left hip. Tattoos -- quote on spine, sugar skull left shoulder, family left arm, dreamer on left wrist, "no lies, just love" right hip, chipmunk right ankle.

GETS ME HOT: Hold me down, kiss me everywhere, pillow talk.

INTO: Being naked, honesty, being insulted (i laugh so hard at the jokes), my own bottom, polaroids, photography, sexy voices, jameson, wine, sarcasm, cheesy flirting, first dates, wrestling, chipmunks, cuddling, kissing, touching, sexual inuendo, Dr. Seuss, smoothies, cereal, being outside, psychedelic things.

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