How this took over Facebook for a weekend, I'll never understand. But it did. Move over blue/black dress! Or is it white/gold?

This lady in Iowa is so excited to be divorced, she went and got a photoshoot done.

As you cruise through the pictures, they just get... trashier. It starts off tame enough, she's wearing her presumptive wedding dress. Then she goes Psycho on it with a kitchen knife. Okay, way to waste an expensive dress. Then to signify she's newly single and ready to mingle, she dons a black leather corset, jean shorts, and boots.

Things take a turn for the weird when she takes a baseball bat to a Fred Meyer cake with her ex-husbands last name on it. Hopefully she had a real wedding cake at her wedding, but I'm not holding out hope.

Anyways, have at these photos while the rest of us wonder why they just HAD to be taken.