This morning, Free Beer and the guys watched a news segment about a football player who had a special talent – his size. Defensive tackle John Taylor, who goes by the nickname House, plays for the Central Penn Piranha.

According to WHP-TV, he is one of the largest men to ever put on a football helmet. Whatever the record may be, there’s no getting around the fact that Taylor stands at 6-foot-11, tips the scales at 500 pounds and wears a jersey that could double for an infield tarp.

While impressed with the sheer size of the man, the guys wondered how effective the guy could really be. Wondering why he wasn’t used as an offensive lineman, Free Beer said, “By the time you get around him, the QB would have already got rid of the ball.”

As amazing as his size happens to be, John “House” Taylor does not have a future in the NFL. According to Taylor, he was scouted in college, but was told that his size prevented him from having the athleticism required of NFL players. He’s also 35 and nearing the end of his playing days. Okay, so that’s pretty much out of the question. But the WWE is always looking for ogres and has a colorful history of giant men.

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