100 years old is new in Europe and ancient in the American West. So little in Tri-Cities pre-dates World War II. That got us thinking, what is the oldest restaurant in Tri-Cities? About 100 people weighed in and here is the result of their research:

  • 1

    The Spudnut Shop

    The Uptown Center in Richland

    Founded in 1948, the restaurant has been in its current location since 1950.

  • 2

    Zip's Drive In by the Cable Bridge

    400 E. Columbia Drive, Kennewick

    Opened in 1953 by company founder Robert "Zip" Zuber. It was the first location, followed by the Spokane store.

  • 3

    Chinese Gardens (sort of)

    1520 N. 4th Avenue, Pasco

    The original Chinese Gardens were open by 1955, maybe as early as 1953. However, owners changed in the 1980s and the website currently says, "the best Chinese American food of the Tri-Cities for over 20 years." If they're only claiming 20, it's hard for us to give them credit for 60, but our researchers did.

  • 4

    Lee's Tahitian Room

    The Uptown Center, Richland

    Open since at least 1955, Lee's Tahitian has been serving Chinese American food continuously, but it has had several owners and menu changes.

  • 5

    Ray's Golden Lion

    The Uptown Center, Richland

    Open since at least 1962, Ray's is now more night club/concert venue than restaurant, but don't let the regulars hear you say that. It's still serving Asian cuisine after 53 years.