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Debate Settled--Illegal For Unsecured Animal in Back of Truck
Straight from the Benton County Sheriff, it's illegal for a dog or animal to be riding in the back bed (regular, flat, or otherwise) of a vehicle or truck unless it has a suitable cage, enclosure or harness.
Sheriff's deputies say they're seeing an increase in the number of animals (es…
Pasco K-9 Literally 'Scares' Suspect Out of Crawl Space
Is the bark worse than the bite? Sometimes so.
Friday, Pasco police were trying to extricate a wanted suspect from a home in town, and brought along K-9 Lemon, one of the department's police dogs.
The suspect, whose name was not released, was repeatedly warned by officers they were sending in the…
Wednesday is National Love Your Pet Day--Celebrate!
For anyone who loves animals, Wednesday is going to be your day!
February 20 is National Love Your Pet Day. No, it's not a corporate creation done by companies who manufacture pet toys, or food.
According to,  the exact origin of the day is not known, or at least nobody…
Local Business Makes Sure Shelter Dogs Get Christmas Presents
Dogs are often Christmas presents. You don't hear too many stories where the pups GET Christmas presents.
West Richland Animal Control says a local business has made the holiday season special for some canines in need.
Shadow River Superstore in West Richland donated over 8 boxes of raw-hide dog …

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