Right now an assistant football coach in Bremerton is in trouble for leading a prayer circle after each game. The school district says it's a violation of separation of church and state. The coach says it's his constitutional right to lead a prayer circle and no one is forcing the players to participate. Now the Church of Satan is asking if they can lead a prayer circle.

For those of you who don't know, the Church of Satan or Satanic Temple is mostly tongue-in-cheek. It was started as a publicity stunt and has always been one. It is a way to protest the dominant belief system in American society. Adherents to the "faith" often challenge encroachments of religion on secularism.

Their request to pray with the students is tongue-in-cheek, but brings up an interesting point: would supporters feel the same way if the asst. coach were Muslim and was trying to lead the players in an Islamic prayer? If the constitution protects the coach's right to pray with the team, shouldn't any other faith adherent have an equal right and opportunity to pray with the team?

It's an interesting philosophical question. In the meantime, I'll continue to pray silently to myself for the safety and success of my favorite teams and leave the legality of Bremerton's tradition to the courts.