The Tri-Cities community is outraged over the theft of an elderly Kennewick resident's stolen mobility scooter!

According to the Kennewick Police:

A 74 year old handicapped man named Fred advised us that his 3 wheeled red PRIDE Victory scooter w/ grey tires, (with several Seahawk stickers on it) was stolen from his carport. Fred uses this to get around so if anyone has any information on who took this or if you see it somewhere around town please call us at 628-0333. See photo below.







Fred Daughter a well know beauty salon owner recently posted an update:

I have to say...I'm overwhelmed by the outpouring of concern for my father and his stolen scooter... we have had people from as far away as Seattle wanting to help get him a new scooter... not to mention all of you local friends that want to help...we are truly blessed to be part of such a giving and caring community. We appreciate it so much but Dad is dealing with his insurance company right now and hope to have a new set of wheels in the near future! And rest assured ...all of Kennewicks finest are on the lookout for that red scooter with the Seahawks sticker !!!

The community is absolutely (for lack of a better word) PISSED OFF...

Stacy Lee