Right now my son and I are working on a boat. It's fun. The housing market is hot right now in Tri-Cities, what if I sold my home and lived on a boat? I'm single and don't need a lot of space. Here's what my research revealed:
The Army Corps of Engineers won't allow it in Tri-Cities! Sorry!
But if you're still interested in the idea, here's what you should know:

  • A boat needs to be at least 28 feet be a viable home. That's a pretty big boat.
  • Unless you're passionate about sailing, live on a powerboat.
  • You must find a marina that will allow it.
  • Stuff is always breaking on a boat. That's just the way it is. Prepare to be ALWAYS making repairs. As a result, it's usually not cheaper to live aboard a boat unless rent is really, really high (like San Francisco).
  • Some marina fees are pretty low, so rent vs. fees could be a money saver.
  • Most boats lack decent refrigerators.
  • If you have a roommate, significant other or guest there is ZERO privacy.
  • A lot of addicts and creeps resort to living on their boats, so the neighbors aren't always ideal.
  • It's hard to get fast internet on a boat during the evening.
  • Remember, no closets, no storage.
  • You'll need to use public restrooms and showers most of the time. If you have a gym membership it may not be a problem.
  • The septic tank only holds about 20 gallons.
  • Tall people will whack their heads a lot.

On Tri-Cities Craigslist I found a 27-foot sailboat for $3,200 (hmmm, smells like trouble) and a 40-foot houseboat for $30,000!!!