Everybody knows what Octoberfest is, but Croptoberfest is a new local marijuana-fused event cramping the City of Zillah's style.

The event coordinators claim Croptoberfest is meant to educate users how to legally and properly use and grow marijuana.

However flyers for the event raised some eyebrows (and possibly ire) where the event planned to have a "private lounge" leading to city officials believing in a possibility of public smoking, which is illegal.

"The way it was worded definitely raised some flags, so authorities on our end started asking some questions," says Mayor Gary Clark. He added, "We'll be doing periodic checks like we do with any event where there might be alcohol or anything else that's involved. Our police department is very good at stopping in and making sure people are doing what they should be doing and not doing what they shouldn't be."

Croptoberfest is scheduled for this Sunday.