The new book about "The Kennewick Man" from Texas A&M University Press (sorry, I say Tennessee in the video) has got us talking about the 9,200-year-old skeleton all over again. The book says he likely hunted seals and was from the northern Pacific Coast. He could have been born anywhere along that coast -- even Asia. So that inspired me to write another verse for my song:

Kennewick Man Lyrics

See How The Scribes and Tribes Dig His Vibe

He's Kennewick Man!

A Spear To The Hip Started This Trip

He's Kennewick Man

9,200 Years Old Them Bones As Good As Gold

He's Kennewick Man!

Whitey Wants Vanilla, Nay Say The Confederated Tribes of the Umatilla...Science Goes Polynesian, Maybe Manila

He's Kennewick Man!

Buried By the River Up To His Trunk, Found By a Couple of Boat Race Drunks

He's Kennewick Maaaaaannnnnnn