Danette Suicide is a 26-year-old Suicide Girl from Italy. She is a burlesque performer and retro make up artist. We get the first part of her occupation, but we aren't so sure about the second part. Does she find really old makeup to apply to clients? Or, does she make clients look like Audrey Hepburn or Clark Gable or whomever? (We'd be fine with looking like Paul Newman in 1969 forever, fwiw.)

Anyway, Danette Suicide likes when people talk dirty to her. Maybe she should have been a burlesque cab driver instead of a burlesque retro make-up artist. She could take off her clothes, make tips and get cursed at with excessive regularity. Hot.

Name: Danette Suicide

Age: 26

Location: Italy

Occupation: Burlesque performer, retro make up artist.

Gets Her Hot: Tattoos and artists

Her Kink Factor: Talk dirty to me...

Five Things She Can't Live Without: My cat, my dogs Giorgina and Licia, my brilliant skull ring and my make up.

She Spends Her Free Time: Reading, watching nature's changes.


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