A comedian and filmmaker created what could be described as the greatest pizza commercial of all time, if it were real.  Vincent Gargiulo, the filmmaker and creator of the David's Pizza spot, made a short film that takes you through a half an hour of 1986 local programming.  You can watch the pizza commercial and the trailer from the film after the break.

See what the guys had to say about the David's Pizza commercial below.

You know who we need to do this commercial?  The Wayans that's not talented, funny, or good looking. - Free Beer

You can check out a trailer from the film "KNFR From 7:00-7:30" below.

"Wake up!  It's 1986 and you're watching KNFR, Channel 13 Yreka. Sit back and enjoy a classic episode of the children's variety show, 'Wizzy & Friends,' along with some vintage commercials & promos!"