Meet Devushka, a 24-year-old Suicide Girl from Spain who says belly dancing is one of her favorite hobbies and lists seeing the same movie too many times as one of her vices.

Name: Devushka

Age: 24

Location: Spain

Makes me happy: The sea, sun, nature, basically. When I spend too much time in the city, I need a break to unwind and breathe fresh air. An unexpected visit, a good party, a walk with my dog and an afternoon creating.

Hobbies: Tribal fusion belly dancing, tattoos, sewing, recycling, going to parties, concerts, photography.

Five things I can’t live without: Cheese, chocolate, music, sex, love.

Vices: Cheese, seeing the same movies many times, second-hand markets, sushi and apple juice.

I spend most of my free time: Watching movies, painting, getting out.

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