The office is not your house. Your mother doesn't work here. So WHY DON'T PEOPLE GET IT!? We're all adults (at least most of us are) so why are there still people who have the most annoying behavior at work. For me, it's the toilet paper roll. Observe this photo...

Photo By Raleigh

Notice the empty toilet paper roll. Notice that there's a HUGE BASKET OF TOILET PAPER RIGHT NEXT TO THE TOILET!!! For real though!! How lazy do you have to be to not just change it if you use the last of the toilet paper!? AARRRGGGG!!

Okay, I took a breath... I know I'm not the only one who has a mystery nemesis at work. What are some of the work pet peeves YOU have!? Let's vent together. Take the quiz, and if you don't see your irksome behavior, write it in. I'm sure you're not alone.