Have you ever had someone approach you in a parking lot offering to fix a dent on your vehicle? This has happened to me a few years ago and it happened to a Kennewick couple recently and unfortunately they were taken...

facebook/kennewick police
facebook/kennewick police

Kennewick Police are warning citizens to just say no to these type of offers.

The couple was at the Kennewick Fred Meyer when a man approached them and stated he could fix a small dent in their bumper for $160, the couple thought it sounded like a great deal so they allowed the man to do the work. When he was finished he told them to let the compound sit for 24 hours....when the couple checked the work a few hours later the dent appeared to be worse and  the "compound"appeared to be some sort of wax...Moral of the story JUST SAY NO and KPD suggests to ask for a business licence.

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