Think Stock

You have a ton of different places that may turn you on in the right setting. In the wrong setting, you could be irritated that someone touches you there. Mine is the back of my neck. I hurt it on many different occasions. One time while I was fishing in the Klickitat. Only certain people can touch me there. Here is a list of erogenous zones that you may not know you even had but, should try.The website compiled a list of those Erogenous Zones that you may not know you had.   You can really utilize almost everyone of these. Men and woman all love getting massages but, if you are giving one to your partner then try to massage these areas!

1.  Ears

2.  Eyes

3.  Feet

4. Inner thigh

5.  Lower Stomach

6.  Underarm [This one is weird]

7.  Scalp [another weird one]

8.  Spine

Try them all and let me know