In between Cascade Locks and Portland is Rooster Rock State Park (nearest town is Bridal Veil). If you haven't stopped there, perhaps you've been to the nearby Vista House? Same exit. Well, did you know it has a legal nude beach?

Usually nude beaches are places where people in the know gather to celebrate nudism. But Rooster Rock State Park is official. From Oregon State Parks's official website:

The river swimming serves visitors who want a natural experience. It's even more natural the farther east you go at Rooster Rock (where you'll find one of Oregon's two designated clothing optional beaches). By design, the clothing optional beach area is completely separate and not visible from the clothing-required area of the large park. The two areas coexist in harmony.

Rooster Rock is a beautiful geologic structure noted by Lewis & Clark. The park has great picnicking areas and disc golf courses. Vista House on Crown Point is an exquisite building built as a rest stop in 1917 and now used for wedding receptions.