I hate to say I told you so, well, no I don't! A few months back I predicted that this winter would be a cold one due to weather trends I'd researched. Now experts are saying the same thing: this winter will probably be colder than usual. According to AccuWeather we should starting seeing an early blustery winter and could see more precipitation.

“They’re going to start out pretty wet, especially from Northern California into the Northwest coast,” said Paul Pastelok, AccuWeather long-range forecaster. “I think that, right off the bat in December, we start to see the snow piling up in the mountains.” -Paul Pastelok via Tri-City Herald

The Tri-Cities will probably see a rise the usual precipitation this month and temperatures are suspected to fall sharply by the end of the month.

The research I did came from checking the Farmer's Almanac and spotting a trend between low temperatures in August with colder winter months. Maybe I should quit my job as a radio host and get in to weather! ...Nah, being on the radio is WAY more fun. But it will be interesting to see what comes our way this winter. Myself? I'm stocking up on canned goods, water, and warm weather clothes. Just in case! ;)