I'm a fan of original content. It takes creativity, heart, and dedication to make some of the best videos on the web. Which is why it pisses me off to no end to see videos I really liked from original creators show up on Facebook a week later, uploaded by someone who isn't the creator.

Usually they throw up that stupid headline around the blacked out 'widescreen' portion. You know what I'm talking about.

Pete via Facebook Screenshot

I found a great video from an informative YouTube channel, In a Nutshell, explaining this fraudulent behavior.

Note how they said 'Autoplay' was a part of this epidemic. If you want to do your part to keep Facebook from stealing credit from original creators, you can turn it OFF. Also, it's just good for your data plan.

Pete via Facebook Screenshot

Now here's a great example of how Facebook users take videos from a different hosting site, publish it to their wall and rake it in.

Pete via Facebook screenshot

Maxime Dehaye uploaded this video of a jumping tiger to his YouTube channel. It's a cool video and deserves all 3 million views it gets. Lo and behold, rapper Tyrese Gibson took that same video to his Facebook, he didn't share it from Maxime's channel - he UPLOADED it and didn't give any credit. He then attaches a link to iTunes for his fans to buy his music. That same video got 81,000,000 views and is still online today.

You be the judge on this one. Is Facebook in the wrong for allowing its users to take videos from external websites, uploaded by their original makers, and publish them to Facebook for their own financial gain?