With Kobe Bryant, Dwight Howard and Pau Gasol in the lineup, the Los Angeles Lakers have a star-studded cast, but the team has underachieved and stands tied with the Utah Jazz for the last playoff spot in the Western Conference.

tweeted on Friday that the Lakers needed to drop acid together after the team lost at Milwaukee the night before. The emphasis was probably as much on the 'together' as the 'acid' part of his statement. The Lakers have often seemed disjointed this season. We don't know if the Lakers took Flea's advice and dropped a few tabs, but they did drop the Sacramento Kings, 103-98, on Saturday night.

If the team starts wearing tie-dyed jerseys, we'll know that Flea has done a much better job of coaching them than Mike D'Antoni. Maybe they should have brought Phil Jackson back? The 'Zen Master' certainly seems like he would know from acid.