I am SO TIRED of watching the ball drop in Time's Square. Did you know other cities have cool local objects dropping at midnight?

  • New Orleans used to drop a gumbo pot and now they drop a fleur-de-lis.
  • Brooksville, Florida drops a 200-lbs tangerine, Orlando drops an orange while Sarasota drops a pineapple.
  • A university in Georgia drops a cube.
  • Indianapolis drops an Indy car!

So how about it? Let's come up with something really cool to drop in the Mid Columbia!

Getty Images, Joe Raedle
  • 1

    Hermiston Watermelon

  • 2

    Bag of Walla Walla Sweet Onions

  • 3

    Hanford Fuel Rod

  • 5

    Wine Barrel!

  • 6

    Piñata shaped like Dusty or Winger

  • 6

    Anything dropped from a LAMPSON crane

  • 7

    Keg of Beer (for the hop farmers)

  • 8

    Lind wheat combine

  • 9

    Zip's Hamburger

  • 10