Among the many Game of Thrones questions Season 6 tabled for the penultimate year, at least one fan-favorite character dropped off the map in what seemed very much like a suicide mission. Now, eagle-eyes in Belfast have likely confirmed said character’s return, while a surprising easter egg from Season 2 might help illuminate their path.

You’re warned of potential spoilers through Game of Thrones Season 7 from here on out, but where Daenerys and Jorah Mormont seemed to be telegraphing their final goodbyes in the latter’s departure to seek a cure for his Greyscale, the HBO series may not leave Jorah to an idle fate. Watchers on the Wall points to a source that has Gwendoline Christie and Iain Glen headed to the Game of Thrones production capital in Belfast, likely for at least some preliminary work on Season 7:

That’s all very well and good, but with any and all characters known to have overcome Greyscale either dead or in ashes, what chances do we have Jorah could return for anything other than a tragic end? Well, if you’d happened to rewatch one of the more forgettable portions of Season 2, you might have noticed the distinctive “Quaithe” dropping some eerily prescient knowledge to Jorah on protection against Greyscale (Via Vanity Fair):

Game of Thrones Jorah Greyscale Easter Egg

It’s more than likely a throwaway moment writers hadn’t mapped out at the time (Jorah’s Greyscale was adapted from another book character anyway), but at least an interesting consideration. After all, travel-times aren’t really an issue for the series anymore, and with only seven episodes premiering in 2017, David Benioff and Dan Weiss likely have specific reasons to allot valuable real estate to Jorah’s return.

We’ll find out more as Game of Thrones Season 7 gears up for production later this year, but what circumstance might we find Jorah in, if and when the story picks up with him?