Thousands of Tri-Cities restaurants went here as kids, and took their kids here. Memories were made and laughs were shared. But it’s gone forever. No word yet what will take its place.

“The Richland McDonald’s restaurant on the corner of Jadwin and Torbett is closing forever once the new location on the corner of Williams and George Washington Way is complete. The new store looks awesome and is much larger.

The location next to The Uptown and not far from the river or heart of the city is good. So far it does not appear to contain a play area. Since the Jadwin store had a small, outdoors one, that is disappointing. But a huge, brand-new building will definitely be a plus for that part of Richland.

Several new restaurants are going in along GW Way near the intersection with Swift. It speaks to the optimism people have for “old Richland” despite the growth in south Richland.