There is a lake is Washington State that really has healing properties but I bet you can't guess which one.  If you are familiar with local lakes, you might guess "Medical Lake" or "Lake Chelan" but you would be wrong. The Washington State lake that has been known for its healing properties for centuries is Soap Lake.

Soap Lake gets its name from the soapy like foam bubbles that form on the top of the water. The lake water also feels "soapy" because of all the natural minerals in the water. Native Indian tribes used to call a truce so they could go heal themselves and their animals. In the 1920's Soap Lake was known as the "Worlds Greatest Mineral Sea". People with Buegurs Disease used to bath in the lake to cure their symptoms and the city still labels themselves as "Washington's Health Resort".

There are 23 minerals that exist in Soap Lake and is still the highest concentration of natural minerals in any known body of water in the world. One last fact about Soap Lake is that the water is very similar to the water on the moons of Jupiter and because of that, helps scientists study how life could form on other planets.