I was cruising Facebook the other day and I came upon an ad looking for a home for this Pot Bellied Pig named Titus...

Here's what the ad says:

Looking for a happy home for my neutered male pot belly pig. He is about 1 1/2 yrs old. I adopted him at about 10 weeks old and he's been living happily in my back yard, but it is time to find him a more suitable home.

I inquired asking about price and how much does this guy eat??

He would be free as long as I was reasonably assured he wasn't going to be eaten! He'll eat way more than he needs to if he has the opportunity, but I feed him twice a day, about as much as you'd feed a medium sized dog.

So if anyone wants a super cute pot bellied pig here you go!! BTW the Owner is in Pasco click the link above and follow the thread!