Hermiston High School students and families are shocked Friday to learn two of the men in yesterday's murder/suicide were assistant wrestling coaches.

The shooter, Jason Huston, along with the man he shot, Kenneth Valdez, both worked with student wrestlers at Hermiston High School. Huston shot another woman before himself, and she was still alive when police arrived around 11 a.m.

14-year-old JJ Hurtado, son of the woman shot, was supposedly playing disc golf with Huston early Thursday; he was found dead around 8 p.m. in a rugged area outside of town after an intense search.

School counselors reported to the high school at 10 a.m. Friday morning to be ready to assist students or staff grieving after the tragedy.

Huston had a very minor criminal history from back in 2009 related to "menacing" use of a firearm. Hurtado was to be an incoming Freshman at Hermiston High School.