The Egan family of four was moving from southern Utah to Bellingham, WA when they were in a serious car wreck near Pendleton Nov. 27.

The family is OK, but the dog died in the accident, and the cat ran away.

Then the East Oregonian newspaper in Pendleton asked readers to keep an eye out for Cleo the 7-month-old Russian Blue cat.

Robin Harris of Pendleton found Cleo in their barn and turned her in to the Pendleton Animal Welfare Shelter.

Because of the accident and other factors, the Egans were not in a position to come get their cat (about 6 hours away) or pay for its transport.

The shelter decided to send the cat to Portland, where it’d be easier to find someone making their way to Bellingham.

But before they did, a Bellingham family (Debbie and Mike Doyle) who used to live in Pendleton and still reads the newspaper there, said they were headed to Boise to attend their daughter’s graduation and would be happy to pick up the cat on their way home!

Earlier this month the cat was reunited with her family...just in time for Christmas!

Full East Oregonian Story Here

Shane Egan