I always get a live tree but I'm deathly afraid of that video of the tree going up in flames! So I found out the best tips for keeping your tree fresh and I'm sharing them with you:

  • 1

    Recut the base as soon as you get home

    The tree at the lot is not freshly cut. The sap at the bottom has dried. Get out your saw and cut an inch above and immediately place it in water.

  • 2

    1 GALLON of water!

    If your tree stand can't hold a gallon, get a new one. Your tree needs a gallon of fresh water when you first get it home.

  • 3

    If it's dry, recut

    If you go away for the weekend, or forget of a day, and the tree stand dries out -- RECUT! The sap/resin dries at the bottom and blocks the uptake of water.

  • 4

    Additives are not necessary

    Some suggest adding sugar, aspirin or buying an additive. These make no noticeable difference. Tap water (lots of it) is all your tree needs.

  • 5

    Throw out the big light bulbs

    The hotter your tree gets, the faster it will dry out (and the worse the fire hazard). Switch to LED lights or at least throw out the big bulbs (which might be covered in lead anyway!

  • 6

    Set up a funnel

    If you've got the space, setting up a funnel to feed your tree stand is far superior to crawling down there every morning with a coffee mug.

  • 7

    Keep away from heat

    To keep your tree from drying out, minimize its exposure to sunlight from windows, block nearby heating vents and keep away from the kitchen. It will stay fresher if you put it in a cooler part of the house.