If you're a woman and saw "How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days" with a man, you may have noticed he didn't really laugh much. Maybe a chuckle here and there, but in general it wasn't REALLY about how to lose a guy, but rather, what women stereotypically think will lose a guy. Here's the REAL list:

  • 1

    Be a "close talker"

    You know, someone who has to get right up in your face to talk to you. People in general don't like that and men particularly are really sensitive about their personal space. Do lean in to whisper, kiss, or give a look. But don't be a creeper.

  • 2

    Stalking behavior

    If a woman is attractive men will feel chased at first. That's flattering. But if you're showing up at their work, waiting for them outside their work, waiting for them at their house when they come home, etc. that is a sign of insecurity. Nothing is less sexy than insecurity.

  • 3

    Trying to make a relationship happen

    If the chemistry just isn't there, or you went on a couple dates but it didn't go anywhere from there, don't try to make something happen. If men persist they can occasionally win a woman over with their persistence. Men are NOT like that.

  • 4

    Giving really bad gifts

    Nothing says, "I don't really know you, I'm just using you" like giving really bad gifts. Some people are just bad gift givers, and they shouldn't worry because it's the thought that counts. But really bad gifts scream, "I'm dating my idea of you, not you."

  • 5

    An annoying laugh

    This one is kind of shallow, but if you can't share a light moment together because her laugh is annoying that relationship won't laugh. Couples MUST laugh together.

  • 6

    Speaking in a baby voice

    Sometimes, a flirtatious baby voice is OK, but remember that in general men HATE the baby voice.

  • 7

    Being very public about how much you want a baby, like yesterday.

    Wanting to start a family right after marrige is not a turn off to many, many good men. But just as women don't want to be dated just for the sex, men don't want to be dated just for the sperm. Focus on the relationship first, let the marriage and children come second and third.

  • 8

    Bad tempers.

    Whether you're a man or woman, don't stay with someone who has a bad temper.

  • 9

    Be really into horses.

    It sounds shallow, but it's really not. Think about it. Equestrian sports are incredibly expensive and time consuming. It takes a certain amount of selfishness and obsession to be really, really into horses. There isn't a lot of room in that lifestyle for a relationship in which each person's needs are addressed equally. The male equivalent is car racing. If you date a man into racing, you'll always be second priority.

  • 10

    Being really into astrology-kind of stuff

    Horoscopes, crystals, palm reading, alternative healing, Qi Gong, Wiccan, Yoga for its spiritual qualities, Reiki, sacred geometry, numerology, etc.