Kennewick police have released more details about the Walla Walla woman who was attacked and dragged out of her car in the WinCo parking lot.A 27-hour man hunt was launched to find Paul Gross, 31, after he and another vehicle boxed his wife's car in the parking lot of Kennewick's WinCo. Samantha Noethe, 22, rammed his car and other parked vehicles trying to escape. Gross then punched the window out and grabbed her by the hair. The incident was caught on security cameras.

Now police are saying Gross, who has two children with Noethe, was upset she had taken his car, a black BMW, and disappeared for two days. When he found her, he didn't want her to escape so he boxed her in. They were hiding in a Kennewick motel when police found them and arrested Gross for unlawful imprisonment and assault.


[SOURCE: Tri-City Herald]