The internets of the world are all abuzz about "Face Blankets" -- the new "stupidest thing I can't believe someone invented." The truth is, I WANT ONE!
I like to keep my apartment cold, so this would definitely help me sleep better. And I could REALLY use this when camping. I know it looks funny, but ideally you'd only use it in the dark. But that's just it! If you wanted to nap on the couch on a Sunday afternoon but it's bright outside, or your kid wants to watch TV, just put the Face Blanket over your eyes!
It's possible you could make your own by cutting a hole in any blanket, but I think the flap they've sewn on makes it more comfortable for your nose.
Hmmm... I'll have to try it on an old blanket and see if "Face Blanket" is worthy of its patent!
Check it out: