Cool Desert Nights made for some GREAT people watching. A lot of folks came in from out of town and there were a lot of golf buddies and father-and-sons geeking out about the cars. I took some photos of some especially interesting people I found.


If only women could be as comfortable with their bodies as this man… the world would be a better place. I wouldn’t wear that shirt if I were him, but I’m OBVIOUSLY not as much of a man as him.

I couldn’t tell if this guy had a lot to carry around, or maybe his pants were stolen and all he had in his car was a parachute. Maybe he’s hiding rocket boots under there. It is an awfully  heavy-looking backpack.



I’m not sure this guy should be at the Cool Desert Nights if he isn’t feeling well. I know it’s only once a year but your health should come first.

This may be the best Hawaiian shirt I’ve ever seen. That’s a horse trailer if you can’t see it clearly. That’s right, nothing says relaxation like palm trees, beaches, coconuts and horse trailers pulled by giant trucks.

Speaking of real men earlier, this is the manliest mustache I’ve EVER seen. I bet he could kick Wyatt Earp’s butt without getting out of the bathtub!