Cat calling has been a long-standing practice. A means of mating, usually seen as harassment. It's usually done by men to women.

Well, what if the roles were reversed? You may hear things like:

"Where do I sign for that package?"

"Woo baby, show us that wallet!"

"Work those forearms, baby!"

"You look like a family man."

"You look like you could argue about nothing for hours."

"I'll bet you take out the trash without being asked!"

"Hey baby, what's your ten year plan?"

"You got soft silky dish washing hands, you stallion. You look like someone who wouldn't give me too much crap if I put on a few pounds and routinely denied sex. Give me those digits, stud."

"Hey sexy, you look like a good listener."

"Hey baby, how you doin'? You responsible? Do you have a job and a plan for the future? How do you treat your mom and siblings? You like dogs an excessive amount? You wanna watch one or ten Bill Murray movies with me?"

"Hey, baby, is that a fat wallet in your pants or do you just have one ass cheek bigger than the other? If it's the second thing, how do you sit down without leaning to one side? Do you have to use a special cushion or something? Where would you even get something like that? Do you have to make it yourself or can you get it at, like, CVS or something? Anyway, you're about three blocks away by now, so I should probably just stop yelling. I need to save my voice for work. I'm a middle school teacher. It's a tough job, but when you see a student's face light up when they finally understand a math problem for the first time, it's all worth it. Oh, my name's Rachel Smith! I'm on Facebook! Friend me!"