An Electric City police officer noticed a man riding around town in a quad with no lights on. He flipped on his police lights and began following the driver to cite him for unsafe driving. That's when the man decided to outrun the patrol car in an ORV.

Amused and confused, the trooper followed the man until the quad reached top speed at 50 mph -- twice the speed limit for the road they were on.

Approaching Sunbanks Resort, the man made his getaway: at the end of the road the quad went off road and straight up a steep hill into the resort.

The police officer later said he could have followed -- the patrol car could have made the climb, but the grass on the hill was tall and dry and he feared the vehicle would ignite the grass and start a wildfire. Indeed, the quad driver was lucky not to have started a fire.

Instead the officer drove up to Sunbanks and looked around, but alas, could not find the man.

But that's OK, because the officer knew where the man lived!!!

Electric City is a small town, remember, and the cop recognized him and knew exactly where he lived.

In fact, the man had the same quad outside his house for at least a month!

Believing he can convince a jury of reasonable doubt, the man pled not guilty in Grant County Superior Court and is facing $25,000 bail.

[SOURCE: Columbia Basin Herald]