Who doesn't love a fair!? The food, the attractions, the gang warfare... The Walla Walla Fairgrounds is trying to limit the rising issues they've seen with gangs and criminal activity at the fair. They've issued a new dress code that will hopefully limit gang animosity at the fair and keep a family atmosphere. I read through the dress code to find out what exactly is included, and found it to be a bit vague:

Walla Walla County

So, if someone has a tattoo that could be gang related, do they cover that up? What kind of clothing is a "gang identifier" (bandanas, certain jeans, hats, colors)? Don't get me wrong, I think it's good to want to keep fair goers safe, but I wonder if this will cause more problems than it will solve. What do you think? Is the dress code a good idea, or will is just cause more friction?