Am I wrong, or were Horseshoe's the bees knees back in the 1980s? Every park had the poles and they were always busy. Or is it my imagination?

I remember EVERY park all over Tri-Cities having horseshoe pits and them always being busy with older people, men and women, throwing horseshoes, telling stories, joking, and enjoying the weather. The park next to the Benton-Franklin Fairgrounds has a million pits and every time I drive past, morning or evening, they're empty.

I don't see them for sale anywhere.

My father in law broke out a set at a recent family reunion and four people out of the whole group went to go play. No one else was interested. It's cheaper than golf (even disc golf) and more convenient than fishing. It's a great social activity and a sport with no physical limitations. It's sad to see it fall out of favor.

Am I right or is this false perception?