I never bet on a game, but I did. And I will collect on Monday. Lee, our director of sales, spent most of his career in San Francisco. He is so sure the 49ers are going win EVERY TIME even though they've already lost twice. He kept telling me he wouldn't bet me because he was so sure he would take my money. Finally, I convinced him. I have nothing to lose. Me winning $100 from Lee is going to be much better than me losing $100 to Lee.

Besides the Seahawks being the best team in the country right now, they don't even have to win for me to get the $100!!!

Las Vegas odds right now are on San Francisco winning by 2.5 points. So as long as they lose by less than 3 I get my Benjamin.

He's been talking big and now I'm going to take his money.

If not, I'll have $100 cash ready for him at our Monday meeting. I won't pay in pennies like I'd be tempted to. I'll pay in $20s like a good sport.

But if I win, I may wear my Russell Wilson jersey and make him kiss it.

The No. 3 looks kind of like a sideways butt and I'll make him kiss the crack.