Violent winds knocked out power to more than a thousand homes Monday night.

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Law enforcement agencies from all over the region are reporting various incidents due to the high winds and are advising motorists to drive with caution. Blowing dirt and dust contributed to one motorist leaving the roadway.

According to the NWS in Pendleton, winds are expected to increase overnight.

NWS Pendleton-Facebook
NWS Pendleton-Facebook

These are the maximum peak gusts that were reported from around the area. At one point, winds were as high as 64 mph at the Pasco Airport.

High winds and heavy snow will make travel extremely difficult in areas.


Remember to leave plenty of distance between you and the vehicle in front of you. Have a safety road travel kit with necessities, such as water, a phone charger, winter wear and snacks.

A semi overturned blocking a roadway for quite some time. Please travel with caution.

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