Washington State Target Stores Will No Longer Offer This Vital Service

One of my wife's favorite places to shop is Target. She calls it her "happy place"

Can I Still Write A Check For Goods At Target Stores In Washington State?

If you shop a lot at Target, you might already know that one vital service at Target is coming to a close on July 15th.

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When was the last time you spotted someone writing a check? Target announced that they'll no longer be accepting personal checks starting July 15th in an article from CBS News.

credit: youtube
credit: youtube


What does that mean for us in Washington State? It looks like the same policy will be company-wide as Target says that the volume of written checks has declined so much that it just doesn't make sense for the retailer to accept checks any longer.

It might surprise but up until 2009, 9 out of 10 consumers wrote at least one check per year but now more than half of Americans don't even write checks due to Venmo and other cash-paying apps.

The decline in check-writing has led to the dismissal of this once vital service offering from Target so as you head into back-to-school shopping this year, heads up.

You can read more about the new policy here

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