According to reports from the Walla Walla County Sheriff's office, a woman who had been missing for six days has been found and is alive.

Her  last reported sighting was north of Lowden, off a rural road

The WWCSO issued a missing person's report, indicating 55-year-old Courtney Shelton was missing, last having been seen in an area off of Yox Road, which is north of Lowden and west of Walla Walla. The area is described as being very rural.

She was last seen with her large German Shepard dog. Authorities had said she had no ties to the area, and the search continued.

Then on Tuesday, November 1st, according to the WWCSO and KVEW-42 TV, she walked into a shop on private land around 11:14 AM and asked some farm workers for help.  Deputies were called to the scene and said she is OK but potentially dehydrated. Her dog was with her when she was located.

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No other details have been released, and no information about her whereabouts since October 25th.

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