New England Metal & Hardcore Festival founder Scott Lee is here to warn you about six easy mistakes to make when organizing a festival.

Throwing a festival, nevermind establishing a reliable one that goes on for decades, is no simple feat. It means managing a multitude of different things from the venue and security to booking artists and paying them to fan accommodations and so, so much more. It also means that quite a lot can go wrong and rather quickly.

When the paid experience and general wellbeing of fans is ever at risk, however, those mistakes are magnified. Learning from them, of course, is important. So is seeking out the advice of experts and admitting that you don't have all the answers or are even aware of everything that can go wrong.

About New England Metal & Hardcore Festival

New England Metal & Hardcore Festival was founded in 1999 and was held annually in Worcester, Massachusetts through 2016. This fixture in the northeast also often served as an annual meetup destination for industry folks who all make the gears of the metal machine turn behind the scenes.

Now, it's back for a 25th anniversary bash this Sept. 21 and 22 at The Palladium Outdoors in Worcester. Keeping with tradition, the lineup is representative of some of the biggest names to arise over the last few years as well as respected veterans.

Killswitch Engage and Slaughter to Prevail will serve as the headliners, with a healthy mix of thrash, deathcore, crossover, death metal, metalcore and the like all represented as well.

New England Metal & Hardcore Festival 2024 admat
New England Metal & Hardcore Festival

For tickets and more information, visit the New England Metal & Hardcore Festival website.

As you now know, Scott Lee speaks from decades of experience and is a trusty guide when it comes to avoiding these easy mistakes as a festival organizer.


Six Easy Mistakes to Make When Organizing a Festival, by Scott Lee (New England Metal & Hardcore Festival)

"First and foremost, I highly advise you not to do a festival, because of all the work that goes into it. But if you're going to do one, these are the things that you should not fuck up on and easy mistake to avoid."

Gallery Credit: Scott Lee (New England Metal & Hardcore Fest)

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