Nightwish mastermind Tuomas Holopainen has revealed that his favorite rock/metal song of all time is actually a ballad — Metallica's "One."

"[It's] such a brilliant composition and lyric and music video. And that was around the time that I found metal music altogether, so it brings back a lot of memories," the keyboardist and composer told Germany's Rock Antenne (the video has since been set to private, transcription via Blabbermouth).

The ...And Justice For All hit was a massive breakthrough for Metallica, who were rising to the ranks of superstardom. The band had previously refused to shoot music videos, but relented at just the right time with the powerful visuals for "One," a remarkably moving song that speaks to the horrors endured by a World War I soldier.

"I went to see Metallica and Guns N' Roses in Kansas City in September 1992, and 'One' was the last song they played before the encores. [It] completely blew my mind," Holopainen continued, having seen one of rock and metal's most notoriously disastrous tours.

As for the impact Metallica have had on Nightwish, Holopainen suggests that it's rather immeasurable. "I don't think we [Nightwish] would be where we are at the moment without that band. And about a year ago, we were playing a festival in — I think it was in Belgium. And after the last song, I walked off the stage and there was James Hetfield giving me a pat on the back. And all I could say was like, 'Holy fuck.' Never meet your heroes, they say."

Metallica, "One" Music Video

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About Nightwish's New Album Yesterwynde

On Sept. 20, Nightwish will release Yesterwynde, their first album since 2020's epic Human. :||: Nature. and 10th overall full length.

The lead single, "Perfume of the Timeless," was released in May and you can see the music video below, as well as the Yesterwynde artwork and track listing.

Commenting on the new track, Holopainen states, "You are the result of an unbroken chain of millions of ancestors and their loves. ’Perfume of the Timeless’ reminds us all of this amazing fact. And if you’re not amazed, listen to it again, because it’s important.”

Nightwish, "Perfume of the Timeless"

Nightwish, Yesterwynde Album Art + Track Listing

Nightwish, 'Yesterwynde' album cover
Nuclear Blast

01. "Yesterwynde"
02. "An Ocean of Strange Islands"
03. "The Antikythera Mechanism"
04. "The Day Of..."
05. "Perfume of the Timeless"
06. "Sway"
07. "The Children of 'Ata"
08. "Something Whispered Follow Me"
09. "Spider Silk"
10. "Hiraeth"
11. "The Weave"
12. "Lanternlight"

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