Of all the metal bands that I love I would have to say that Arch Enemy is my favorite. First of all they are very talented, but secondly, their lead singer is a girl! Damn! Loud and hot! I saw Arch Enemy in San Fransisco about seven years ago. I was hooked. When I saw Angela Gossow come out on stage with her deep, heavy metal voice and she was not bigger than my damn thumb, I about died. I mean when I saw them I knew it was a chick, but you just don't completely get it until you see them.

Angela is no longer the singer for them and there is no way that they will ever be the same without her. Their new lead singer,  Alissa White-Gluz, is good but not as good.

My Krazy Kut for today is another Swedish metal band, Arch Enemy and 'We Will Rise'




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